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Letter for Emilia Husar To Whom it may concern. My Name is Camille Ann Wright I am in the Health and Wellness industry here in Anthem Arizona I have been a friend and a user of Emilia Husars products for a few years now. I study products that are good for the skin and body and the best quality. I found that The Beauty Mystery products are safe, well made and I love using them. Emilia is a great honest business women and has the highest regard for quality ,takes pride in her work and has fair pricing. Her website is very user friendly . I look forward to working with Emilia , and getting the word out about her products and assisting in sales, making it easier for the new clients to understand the products . Our sales potential is huge and I look forward to many more years working with her. Thank you
Camille Ann Wright
Health and Wellness industry
This cream helped me a lot with my hernia pain: when the pain starts it will take about 14 hours to be gone but after I used this cream the pain was gone in about 3 hours. I hurt my shoulder about 10 years ago when I lifted a heavy tool box and once in a while a pain was there especially when I had to put some effort in the right arm ; lately 3 weeks ago a very sharp pain started as strong as I had a hard time to even lift my right arm above the shoulder level so I place a lot of cream exactly where the sharp pain was and in about 2 days the pain was gone.
Benoni V.
electronic tech. / Ducommun Technologies
I used this Beauty Mystery SKIN CREAM for 2 weeks by now and I am so happy with it that I probably will run out of it very soon; I used it in 2 places : one is my right shoulder ; the sharp pain I had steady for about 5 days it went lower and lower until it is gone completely now. the second place I use it was in the lower part of my abdomen at my hernia ; usually when the pain starts there it takes about 14 hours to be gone but as soon as I used this cream applied heavily the pain is gone completely or if it comes it is gone in 3-4 hours but now I do not have it at all although I eat anything.
Benoni V.
electronic tech. / Ducommun Technologies
Buna , Ma numesc Sara B As dori sa îmi fac un timp doar de 2-3 minute sa vorbesc despre tratamentul lui Emilia Husar O buna prietena mi -a spus despre ea ca are un tratament pe baza de plante medicinale din 43 de plante care regenerează celulele in organism M am întîlnit cu Emilia Husar și mi a explicat ce efect terapeutic au aceste plante naturale medicinale asupra organismului Am luat împreuna cu soțul suplimentele "beauty mystery " YOU MUST LIVE HAPPY " și sckin creme " BEAUTY MYSTERY sa încercam Prima minune a fost văzută pe soțul meu El are 6 operații la picioare Doctorii i au spus ca urmează altele câteva printre care ai un transplant de vena de la mâna sa o pună la picior El , soțul meu din clipa cind a aplicat imediat a simțit furnicături in vasele de sânge de la picioare , urmată de caldura Circulația sângelui a pornit imediat la picioare Unul dintre ele unde trebuia sa fac transplantul venos avea culoarea vânata In maxim 24 de ore S a uniformizat colorarea pieleii Soțul meu a ridicat mâinile sus și a strigat "Aleluia " L au lăsat durerile de picioare Nu a mai mers șchiop aceasta este o mare minune Nopțile nu dormea din aceasta cauza Cit despre mine , am fost propusa ptr dializa , schimbare de rinichi și pancreas Eu am folosit suplimentele pline de peste 300 de compoziții chimice naturale Doamna Emilia mi a spus ca pina la dializa sa încerc cu aceste suplimente Am fost in faza finala cu rinichii faza 4 Mi au funcționat doar 15/100 Atit de bine au lucrat pe rinichi și pancreas ca după o luna de zile , când am fost la doctor , îmi funcționa 25/100 procente Medicul a spus ca nu mai este nevoie de dializa ptr ca vede ca rinichii merg in spre bine Diabetul a ajuns la limite normale A trecut deja aproape 2 luni de când ma bucur de rezultate uimitoare Va spun despre crema de fata : In timp record s a uniformizat culoarea pielii Eu aveam culoare închisă in jurul ochilor Mi a dispărut complet și pielea mea pe fata s a albit și a întinerit propiu zis intr un timp record Recomand aceasta crema uimitoare cât și suplimentele in fiecare casa in fiecare familie sa nu lipsească niciodată Acest tratament este foarte special Este foarte Height Mulțumesc doamnei Emilia Husar cit și prietenei mele Sara B Arizona
Sara B.
Client - Arizona - Romanian version
I'd like to tell a little about my experience with medicine from Emilia Husar. A friend of mine recommend her to me. I actually met Emilia Husar is person and she explained to me the thetaputic benefits of her plant based medicines on the body. My husband and I both bought her products from "Beauty Mystery - you must live happy". My husband who had 6 surgeries on his legs was scheduled to have a vein transplant from his arm to his leg. After we starting using the cream for his legs, his blood began to circulate better and after an appointment with our physician, they told him that another transplant would be unessesary because he's legs got better. That was by far a miracle for us. The pain completely left him. Now I used this cream myself. I was suppose to have dialysis because my liver was failing. I was using about 300+ different pills prescribed to me. Things were getting worse. I used Emilia's pills for about a month and things began to get better. When I had my appointment, I was told that my liver began to revive itself. It was at 25/100 percent good. My doctor told me it would be unnessesary to have dialysis at this point as it seems that my liver is getting better. It's been two months since I've been using her products now, my liver is totally fine. I also got the facial cream because I had something odd going on my face. After using this cream, my face regained it's color and healthy look. I recommend that every get this stuff because it really helped my family in ways I couldn't believe myself. Thank you Emily Husar for that amazing product. - Sara B. Arizona
Sara B.
Client - Arizona
Пишу из моей практики о чудном действии мази сделанной сестрой Емилия Хусар.Долгое время меня мучила невыносимая боль в ступне правой ноге.Мазала месяц,Прошло где-то год,а я больше не чувствую никакой боли.Также использовала на левую грудь и вокруг нее,ибо все было в маленьких шишечках После двух месяцев все исчезло полностью.Применяла мазь и при болях уха ,ушибах,при простуде.И всегда последовало облегчение и выздоровление. Е.Разлога Портланд
Frosina Razloga
Scriu din practica personala.Am folosit crema preparata de sora Emilia Husar avind dureri insuportabile la calciiul picorului drept.Dupa trei saptamini am simtit vindecarea totala..La fel am folosit crema la peptul sting shi pe toata partea,aveam nenumarate nodule mici cu dureri de nesuferit.Dupa doua luni de folosire a cremei na râmas nici un nodul shi nam nici o durere.Am folosit crema shi la dureri de ureche,de mini,de jenunchi.
Frosina Razloga
Nodul - Limba Romana
I am Anca C. a patient in Romania with a chronic autoimmune neurological disease, MS. Last fall I discovered a Beauty Mystery supplement, recommended by Mrs. Emilia Husar, following a trip to the USA. I took three months not knowing how good she is. After the first week I already felt better after a month and better. I ordered over the Internet for another 6 months, unfortunately the post was delivered to me after 2 months, during this time I did not have capsules and I started to feel bad again, numbness in limbs, weakness etc. As soon as I received the order and started taking Beuty Mystery Anticancer Antitumoral I feel great. I also recommended a cancer patient, I talked to him about the neurologists who treat me and who found me better than the previous controls. It is a miraculous supplement that I recommend to other patients! / Sunt Anca C. o pacienta din Romania cu o boala neurologica cronica autoimuna, MS. Toamna trecuta am descoperit in urma unei calatorii in USA suplimentul Beauty Mystery recomandat de doamna Emilia Husar. Am luat pentru trei luni nestiind cat este de bun. Dupa prima saptamana deja m-am simtit mai bine, dupa o luna si mai bine. Am comandat prin Internet pentru inca 6 luni, din pacate posta mi l-a livrat dupa 2 luni, in timpul acesta nemaiavand capsulele am inceput sa ma simt iarasi rau, amorteli in membre, slabiciune etc. Indata ce am primit comanda si am inceput sa iau din nou Beuty Mystery Anticancer Antitumoral ma simt excelent. Am recomandat si unui bolnav de cancer, le-am vorbit despre el neurologilor care ma trateaza si care m-au gasit mai bine decat la controalele anerioare. Este un supliment miraculos pe care il recomand si altor pacienti!
Anca C.
Chronic Autoimmune Neurological Disease
I am very much into health and wellness with my Swiss Bionic mat company !! I met Emilia at a dear friends home about 9 months ago. I had such a strong connection to her I decided to purchase the Beauty Mystery " You Must Live Happy Capsules " from her after reading all the ingredients. I am 62 years old and feel that these capsules have really made a difference! ! I love opening the bottle and smelling the fresh scent that comes from them. They are easy to digest and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of purchasing! ! I can hardly wait to try the other products here , now that I know !! Sincerely, Camille ♡
Camille W.
Certified Health Associate / Swiss Bionic
Bună ziua doamna Emilia Husar..!! Mă numesc Lidia Frinc , locuiesc în Austria și folosesc de aproximativ un an de zile produsele dumneavoastră din gama Beauty Mystery! Pe această temă , vă sunt foarte recunoscătoare având în vedere efectul foarte pozitiv , de însănătoșire , îndeosebi al produsului Skin Cream ..!! Tenul meu , fiind foarte uscat și sensibil , a căpătat o textură fină, ridurile s- au redus vizibil iar zonele cu probleme ( depigmentare , acnee) au dispărut complet . La fel de benefic mi- a fost și produsul Skin Oil care după fiecare aplicare a revigorat țesutul și l- a hrănit în profunzime . Cu alte cuvinte .., doar după câteva luni de zile am întinerit de- a dreptul. Cât despre Hair Oil și Alopecia Cream pot să spun același lucru : folosite regulat îmbogățesc și însănătoșează firul de păr vizibil. Prietenele mele pot confirma aceasta. În continuare sunt sub tratament detox cu capsule Beauty Mystery Anticancer & Antitumoral datorită migrenelor care mi- au făcut zile amare ani întregi . Rezultatele încep să apară..., mă simt în formă , am energie suficientă pt orice activitate stresantă a zilei și nu pot spune decât că această paletă de produse merită aplaudată și premiată ca atare ..!!! Mulțumesc din suflet celor care mi- au recomandat acest tratament dar în primul rând mulțumesc doamnei Husar pentru abilitatea și efortul depus în a aduce pe piață asemenea " miracole ale sănătății și frumuseții" și de a le comercializa internațional ..!!
Lidia Frinc
Beauty Mystery's Products user
Hi Emilia, I really like your products. The reason I know about them is because you once visited a prayer group here in Portland and you gave a testimony about the work that the Lord has done. You also sold some of your products to my mom after prayer and I tried them out and am really liking them. I hope your business is successful and i think many people should try your products. I am very blessed to have come across this, may the Lord continue to bless you and your business.
Alla V.
Beauty Mystery's Products user
I have been using the Beauty Mystery Skin Cream for a short time and I would like to state that this cream works miracles. After applying it, my brown spots from the sun and a wart that I couldn’t get rid of for a long time both had disappeared. Be blessed sister Emilia.
Hermina G.(MI)
Skin Cream user
I would like to tell you a little more about my personal experience with this miraculous cream for which I thank God, and you Emilia. After just one week of using this Skin Cream, I noticed a wart on my finger and a skin mark on my face, which I had for many years, both disappeared. This cream has also been very effective in relieving my joint pains due to my rheumatoid arthritis. I believe that everyone should have a cream like this in their home!
Tina S. (MI)
Skin Cream user
From the first few days I started using the Beauty Mystery Skin Cream, the skin on my face started whitening while my overall face looks younger including the skin around a scar I have on my neck from a previous surgery (Left carotid endarterectomy). After using the Skin Cream, the skin color where the scar is on my neck became more uniform and the scar is barely visible. I have also been using the Skin Oil by Beauty Mystery on my hands and nails and I have noticed that my nails don’t exfoliate any longer but instead my nails grow much healthier. This fact encouraged me to use the Hair Oil product as well which gave me very good results on my hair that now has a nice shine and looks well hydrated.
Ana B. (MI)
Skin Cream user
My first experience using the Skin Cream by Beauty Mystery has been very positive. While on vacation I noticed that I had irritation on a birth mark and a friend suggested I try this cream. Upon applying this twice, my conditions improved and within a few days I had no more issues. I now recommend this product to my friends and family.
Adriana G. (CA)
Skin Cream user
The Beauty Mystery Skin Cream’s effects have shown great results on my cold sores. I applied the cream on the initial day of the flare up and the symptoms subsided almost 80%. I am very pleased with these results and I will continue using this product.
Emilia P. (MI)
Skin Cream user


I used the BEAUTY MYSTERY SKIN CREAM for about 2 months by now and the results can be seen in these pictures that are worth more than 2000 words!
I used the cream every day ,3 times a day, I rubbed it in over the area for about 3 minutes each time.

Vișinescu Benoni  Client