Beauty Mystery is a skin care company founded by Emilia Husar that focuses on developing 100% all natural therapeutic body lotions. Our products consist of key components such as Aloe Vera and 100% medicinal herbs, and other natural ingredients. We share a passion for providing quality and effective natural treatments for common skin ailments to customers of all ages.

The Beauty Mystery Skin Cream’s effects have shown great results on my cold sores. I applied the cream on the initial day of the flare up and the symptoms subsided almost 80%. I am very pleased with these results and I will continue using this product.

Emilia P. (Mi)

Skin Cream user

I have been using the Beauty Mystery Skin Cream for a short time and I would like to state that this cream works miracles. After applying it, my brown spots from the sun and a wart that I couldn’t get rid of for a long time both had disappeared. Be blessed sister Emilia.

Hermina G. (Mi)

Skin Cream user

My first experience using the Skin Cream by Beauty Mystery has been very positive. While on vacation I noticed that I had irritation on a birth mark and a friend suggested I try this cream. Upon applying this twice, my conditions improved and within a few days I had no more issues. I now recommend this product to my friends and family.

Adriana G. (Ca)

Skin Cream user

After just one week of using this Skin Cream, I noticed a wart on my finger and a skin mark on my face, which I had for many years, both disappeared. This cream has also been very effective in relieving my joint pains due to my rheumatoid arthritis. I believe that everyone should have a cream like this in their home! I thank God for this miraculous cream!

Tina S. (Ma)

Skin Cream user

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